Wednesday, April 15, 2015

currently | april 2015

loving: the extra warmth/sunshine, color/flowers that Spring has brought. (hello mat from my local Target)

enjoying: taking a walk everyday just to think about and enjoy life. I mean, with a view like this that I am getting throughout my's easy.

doodling: always working a writing utensil. always. this is a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen  
there are two types of tips--hard and soft. I have both.

obsessed: with flowers. I think with each passing Winter, Spring brings me more joy. Flowers make me happy. These ranunculus that I found...big LOVE. I photographed these in front of my old chalkboard wall.

listening: to Elise's weekly podcast. That's really the only thing I listen to consistently; unless you count when the radio is on and it seems like the same songs play over and over and over and over again. bleh.

learning: to find jeans that fit. I don't spend a lot of money on clothing or jeans. I have come to realize that I need to up my game if I am going to find comfortable, well fitting jeans.
But I am picky with style and fit and refuse to look like I am wearing Mom jeans.
That's definitely not my style. I may check out Madewell or Buckle or jcrew.

smiling: over this t-shirt. so on point since life is nowhere near perfect. see above: 'learning'

 T-Shirt // Ugh

needing: to find a new hairstylist that I like and get a haircut! cue the 'ugh' t-shirt...

feeling:  happy about warmer weather and sunlight. It's so good to get out and enjoy the day more.
I think my soul thrives on the sunshine.

so, that's what's up!!

Happy Wednesday.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

april 2015 desktop calendar wallpaper

 Hello April!

You may have seen my Instagram image today. I made the watercolor background then created a calendar template on my computer. I set my paper size to accomodate my image at 6" x 9" and ran it through the printer...voila!

I made some adjustments digitally and have a free download for you!

This is sized for my 20.5 iMac screen at 1680 x 1050 pixels

What you can't see here with this image is the added white space to fit the screen. Once you click on the image, you can see the actual size.
 I like to have a lot of clean screen space so my folders, etc. don't get lost in a busy background, but always need a calendar to reference quickly when I am working at the computer as well.

Click on the image to save to your computer and set as your screensaver. Simple as that!

Happy Wednesday!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

brush script hand lettered prints

I want to talk a little bit about how I decided to include a few brush scripted prints to my shop.

As I mentioned in my other post, QUALITY is my number one factor in providing goods.
I will. not. compromise. when it comes to what I decide to offer.

When I thought about producing prints of anything that I lettered, calligraphy or brush script, I kept getting hung up on the 'how' of it all, as in "how do I offer the same quality and look of the original?"
My obvious choice came down to just that. I had to offer made to order originals in limited quantities to feel OK about it all.

Having everything made to order meant that I would provide quality while not burning myself out on production. Every print would be authentic, with minor variances in color or letter formation that naturally happen.

I felt good about taking another leap and feeling comfortable with the product I was providing.

Why not offer digitally rendered prints? I wasn't satisfied with the quality. Period. When you change anything from a handmade form and render it digitally, some things just change.
With some things I am perfectly fine, but this wasn't cutting it for me.

I have, in fact, had digital offerings that I have been completely comfortable with in the end.
Since I am viewing these prints more as handmade art, authenticity was super important to me.
I love the subtle variances that happen with each one.
I use india ink with a water brush on cold press watercolor paper and you just can duplicate that look and feel digitally.
Maybe I am picky, but I would rather be picky than be unsatisfied with the overall quality.
Additionally since every art print is made to order, I won't be sitting on stacks of already made prints that may or may not be purchased. That is one less thing to worry about.


Here's to taking chances, manifesting my dreams, and doing the work! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, March 23, 2015

do the work! | letterpress print

One of my biggest requirements when offering something in my shop is QUALITY.

When I made the decision to offer a letterpress print, I wanted a few things.
1) source it locally
2) high quality paper and ink
3) have a small run or batch as a trial to see how it would be received

Sourcing it locally meant that I would have to be flexible with that idea since I do not live in or near a larger metro area. The closest metro area to me is Pittsburgh, PA.
I was thrilled to find Lisa Vavrick of Ella Studio when I did my search!!

Would you believe me if I said I was super nervous to hit send on that initial e-mail to her?
In the end, I realized the worst thing she could tell me was 'no', so why not.

Lisa was wonderful to work with and met my needs with printing a smaller run, working with paper choices and ink colors, and being a really solid designer when it came down to every little detail.
I couldn't have been happier!! :)

The end result was a 5x7 sized letterpress print that is easy to frame or hang on the wall however you may choose.

I chose the 'do the work' phrase based on the fact that it was something that I kept telling myself in my own journey. If I kept on doing the work, I would see the dividends in my own life.
I love finding inspiration and sharing it with others. This was an original hand lettered phrase that I did in hot pink gouache that you can find in my Instagram feed @jenkinkade.
Choosing the print in black and white made it neutral and easy to fit into any decor or format.

I am really smitten with the texture of the print on the letterpress paper. It's something I find myself running my hands over time and time again.

So, maybe you need a little inspiration to keep yourself or someone else going at work or over the treadmill ;) or maybe you would like to use in a pocket page album to highlight goals you are trying to achieve in life.

Either way, I would LOVE it if you would tag me on Instagram @jenkinkade showing me how you are using this!! If you would like to see or find more of my lettering on Instagram, I have hash tag groups #jenslettering and #jenscalligraphy. It's a fun and easy way to see all of my lettering and calligraphy in one place and to see my progress over time.

Happy Monday, friends! do the work! :)


Friday, March 20, 2015

*throw it up in the air like confetti*

yay! it's the first day of Spring and I have prints in my shop!!

I had LONG wanted to figure out how to offer prints to people.
Do I mass produce a print digitally? Do I do custom orders?
Do I order copies of originals and sell? And the list goes on...

I got to a point where I just told myself, "throw it up in the air like confetti, girl!"

Because sometimes that's just what we need to do, then watch it dance through the air. :)

Below:  'do the work!' letterpress print and other various hand lettered prints.

Next week I want to do a more detailed post about my ideas, production, and how I finally decided what to do.

For now, I am going to watch the confetti :)

Happy Friday and first day of Spring!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

out of the box...kinda

Black and white photos are my fave. They're my jam.
I convert a lot of my images to black and white--portraits without fail.
I would say 90% of my scrapbooking pages contain b & w photos.
When Marcy and Stephanie had their latest creative jumpstart prompt as
black and white,  I had to play. :)
And I knew I couldn't do just one.

Yep, this photo is typical of the reaction I get these days.  Denied. Ha!

Then just this morning I pinned this pin.

posted by "Quilt it" 

I was immediately inspired and completely scared about how do execute this idea.
1) I am not a quilter
2) This is TOTALLY out of the box for me, design and style  
3) White cardstock is my "go to" paper. I was dealing with color here...LOTS of color.

Game on!! Voila!

I gathered my papers, cut shapes, then randomly began to sew lines. The trick was not making too many machine stitched lines because everything would've become "lost".
Since the overall background was busy and complex, with sewing and paper piecing, I knew the rest of it needed to be simple.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
It's pretty awesome knowing that I can still challenge myself and pull off an idea that inspires me. ;)

Props to Creative Jumpstarts and out of the box ideas!!

Happy Wednesday! :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

new habit | knitting

I've said that I don't know whether I am just a slow knitter or I can't/don't sit still long enough to progress quickly. Either way, this knitting thing has become a daily habit--mostly in the evenings when I have more time or allow myself to sit and feel more relaxed/plain tired.

It doesn't bother me that I am not 'fast'. I simply enjoy knitting. This blanket I am currently working on is becoming one of my favorite projects for me. This is mindless activity for me and I can even keep up with a television show while knitting!

My little sidekick seems to approve as well. :)

This blanket is inspired by my love for IKEA and the pillow in the first picture.
If I actually lived near an IKEA, I would probably be there weekly. It would be like another Target for me. Since I have to travel 1.5 hrs to get to one, I normally only make it one or two times a year.
Knitting a IKEA inspired blanket seemed to be perfect.

It is a simple garter stitch (knit stitch both front and back) that is worked flat, but on US11 circular needles (addi Turbo Rockets 32-inch (80cm) Circular Knitting Needle; Size US 11 (8.00 mm)
purchased through Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has quickly become my go-to source for quality needles since I don't have anywhere local to purchase. Circular needles hold more stitches when making larger items such as blankets.
The yarn is Plymouth Encore Mega in black (0217) and off-white (0146).
I use up each skein, then switch colors. The biggest pain is weaving in the ends, but totally worth it.
Just make sure if you try this and do a wide stripe using up each skein that you switch colors on the same side since there is a right side and wrong side of your work. When you switch colors, the wrong side will have a discernible switching row.  Once I finish, I am hoping to do a post of the finished blanket. My goal is for it to be a smaller lap blanket with somewhat square dimensions.

Can't wait!!

Hope to be back soon with the finished details!!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am...

this is me. simple as that. period.

who's with me?!! :)


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 | this year i will...

Creative Jumpstarts are always fun every now and then.
Marcy and Stephanie do a great job of coming up with fun, cool challenges!

Truth is, I don't make pages as much anymore. But that doesn't mean that I am not doing it at all.

All kinds of creative things make me happy these days :)
Paper and glue were calling to me today.
I found myself reaching for familiar supplies in my newly organized and recently purged stash.
(And when I say recently purged--I mean that I got rid of 80% of what was sitting in my area--
paper, embellishments, stickers, the works!!  I threw away partially used items and donated the remaining. It was SO good to do that. It was necessary.)
I knew right away some form of hand lettering would be my title.
The rest just flowed naturally from there. It took my usual time of about 30 minutes, give or take, to complete.

so this year is about finding more smiles, yet being tougher.
taking care of myself, but saying no to things that drain me.
hoping to see things with brighter eyes and just enjoy this life.

I will keep this page posted in my creative space as a reminder to myself throughout the year.

Make it a good one!!


Supplies Used:  Bazzill Orange Peel white cardstock; thinned out yellow acrylic paint by Martha Stewart from Michael's; various Crate Paper patterned papers to fit the color theme; Crate paper photo overlay;  Pentel Arts Aquash Pigment Ink Brush, Light Black Ink, Pack of 1 (FRHMNBPA); enamel dots; Mister Huey's mists in city scape and taxi yellow; glassine bag; white shipping tag; index tab; office depot date stamp; old Two Peas badges and clips; various inks for date stamp; twine.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I always use Pinterest as a source for quotes and being inspired to letter.
Whether I am practicing calligraphy or just doodling for fun, Pinterest is a great source for sure.

You may remember this hand lettered quote I posted on my Instagram:
Pinterest source :  this is what I could track.

I always try to find the original author when I letter words because I don't want to take credit for something that isn't mine. Sometimes the internet makes it difficult to find 'who said what'--and for
copyright purposes, is one of the reasons I don't normally sell what I letter. Generic phrases or salutations are the exception.

I decided to digitize this lettering because I wanted to reconfigure some of the letters. After all, this was a something I did on a whim while avoiding what to fix for dinner. :)

If you would like to download a similar 8x10 sized file, without attributions,  to print out at your leisure for FREE: go here.

If you frame it or share it on Instagram or social media, please link back to me or tag me @jenkinkade on Instagram!

Happy Wednesday!!