Saturday, September 6, 2014

blog | unplugged

*ETA:  As of October, I am still feeling the desire to keep the blog break going.
            It's kind of nice, actually. I've always known that I am not a writer, but a creative that likes
            to visually share every now and then.  Instagram is fulfilling that part for me.
            So, for now the break continues!!

On taking a break...
While this blog has been a great place to share over the years (since around 2003?!!),
it's not my favorite form of social media. So much less interactive than Instagram, my very favorite place!! You can always stay current with me there @jenkinkade
With that said, I am taking a break from blogging for at least the month of September.
I will use this time to figure out what I want to do here--switch platforms, make a schedule, decide what I want to share and when.
For me, when I say making a schedule I know that may mean saying, 'OK, I will blog the 15th of every month.' or maybe twice a month.
My readers are few and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to stop by, read, or even comment...thank YOU!!

But for now, I am unplugging here and taking a little break.
Update will follow Oct.1, 2014


Monday, August 25, 2014

JUMP | video + badges

I am very excited to show you a layout AND video inspired by 2 things.
The badges that I designed for Scrapbook and More and this layout by Maria Lacuesta aka analogpaper.

These are the circle badges, but they are also available in 1" squares!!

(permission for image/use via Maria Lacuesta)

My layout: JUMP

**Font used on my layout: Florence, free font at similar, but not exact to Maria's font choice.

Below are a few supplies that I own or other suggestions I curated to fit your liking.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

flair badges

It's always fun to stretch my creativity.
When I was contacted by Cindy from Scrapbook and More to design a set of flair badges, I was more than happy to do it!! Scrapbook and More is a small online scrapbook store that carries the latest scrapbooking collections from your favorite companies. They also provide exclusive product such as flair badges created by talented creatives like Kal Barteski, Elise Blaha Cripe, Debee Ruiz and more!! To be included in this group of talented women is such an honor!!

 (this is a screenshot of my current available badges)

Another reason I was eager to design these badges is because flair badges are definitely a 'go-to' staple in my ALL of my scrapbook creations. There is no layout or mini book of mine that won't have at least one badge in/on it. I have definitely collected and used my share of flair badges over the past couple of years!! I love that these little guys are low cost as well.

I am hoping to receive some of these beauties soon! If you end up purchasing one or a few ;) I would love for you to share with me here or tag me on Instagram with your creations!! Nothing is more exciting than seeing another creative use something I have designed!! :)

Thanks again Scrapbook and More for bringing me on!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

folded pen | quick video

I posted this same video via Instagram, but it was sped up to 275% to meet the 15 sec limit.
Here is the full version, real time to see how slow it goes when I am writing.
I purchased the folded pen online via Paper & Ink Arts.
Note:  I am an amateur calligrapher who decided to try the folded pen.

*also, notice above I changed my blog header! :) I'm liking it.

Here are other samples that I did using the folded pen.


Monday, August 11, 2014

the scrap goes on: weekly round-up

Many of you may have noticed that the group formerly known as the Garden Girls have decided to team up on a weekly basis to show you all WHAT we are creating and that we are indeed STILL CREATING! :)
We think it's a good way to stay in the loop with one another and to share what we have been doing with our scrappy and creative friends. If you visit each of our blogs, you will see the best ways to keep up with our work. For me, I adore Instagram! You can always see what I am up to there.
You'll notice a link-up below so you can share what you've been creating as well.

When I look at the images above, I see a whole bunch of happy going on!! :)

1. Mel Blackburn--Gossamer Blue DT news
2. Marcy Penner--making a loose grid page
3. Jen Kinkade (me)--using vellum to mute a bold background
4. Stephanie Bryan--DIY Heidi Swapp stamp/stencil bags
5. Wilna Furstenberg--popping in!
6. Jill Sprott--her summer is gone
7. Nancy Damiano--Simple Stories page
8. Lisa Dickinson--What Matters Most
9. Paige Evans--travels and life
10. Shimelle Laine--documenting her birth story
11. Jen Gallacher--set your scrapbooking free ideas
12. Laura Craigie--beautiful cards
13. Celine Navarro--USA travels

Be sure to link up your latest creations below!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

a little fun

I am always on the lookout for nibs when it comes to my calligraphy adventures.
My favorite so far has been the Nikko G nib. It was my first nib when I started and was always my favorite when I tried others. Nibs are very low cost therefore, easy to afford. I don't mind trying new ones out. I have them at my disposal and am not too disappointed if I find one isn't a great fit for me.

I ordered 2 new nibs from Paper Ink and Arts to try.
My eye was really on this Speedball C5
 Speedball Nib C5
I decided to throw the B5 in just for kicks.
Speedball B5 Nib 

 The C5 has a lot of drag on the paper and was too scratchy for my liking. I will still use it, but didn't feel it was a good fit.
The B5, however, is very smooth. You can see from the image above that the tip is rounded and doesn't scratch on the paper and drag like a lot of nibs tend to do.

I always tend to want to pen a phrase, word, or quote when I get in the groove. I may have squealed on the inside when I finished this one. You can see this in my Instagram feed.

I had that moment where I felt like I found a nib that really was harmonious with my style.
I am excited to practice more!! When I get excited, I like to share. :)

All links are ones I've provided because I value the service and quality of the products provided.
I get no affiliate sales.


Friday, August 8, 2014

we're more than just friends...

In making this layout, I was inspired by the awesomely talented Maria to create a layout using vellum to mute a bold background. (see Maria's layout here)
I used a loose grid design with my photo, tag, and hand lettered title while keeping the remaining embellishments simple.
I think I can put this one in my quickie less than 30 minute layouts pile!!

PS--I am thinking of doing a brief hand lettering video (or series of videos) of what pens or supplies I use and showing some basic techniques. I'd love to know/hear from you if these would be something of interest!!

happy Friday!! :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

learning new things

This blog has always been much more than a place to share my scrapbook creations. Always.
It has been a place to share anything on my journey:  from scrapbooking, to photography, to daily life, to making stuff, and learning new things.

I believe learning new things is as much of an exercise of seeing as it is doing.
I've been captivated for quite some time with watercolors and the idea of being able to
sketch or draw ANYTHING is humbling and daunting to me. The idea of being able to
see something with my eyes and translate that into something artful with my hands doesn't always
connect in my brain.
All that said, I decided to challenge myself to get to task in VERY small, simple ways.

I began by purchasing a watercolor sketchbook, some pocket watercolors,  and a variety of water pen brushes. The brush in the above photo is my current favorite due to its finer tip.

The pocket watercolors comes with a brush (seen above) along with a removable palette or tray for mixing colors, which I LOVE. The sketchbook is small enough to stick in your purse or bag as well.
I enjoy bringing these things along while I am waiting in the car for my girls to finish up practice.
Practices always seem to run over. Easy.

I am by no way a trained or educated artist/painter as I am completely self-taught. I follow a variety of talented artists on Instagram that keep me continually inspired and challenge me to learn new things. I am a life long student/learner!! :)

At first I thought I would be brave and bold enough to try a sketch a day. Realizing that I need to stay simple with my task I knew that probably wasn't a great idea. So, no pressure. I think the biggest kick I needed was actually doing my first sketch!

I sketched this flower from a photo. Hopefully you can tell that it is a hyrdrangea ;)
I did some mosaic type painting on the left for more practice.

This is as much of an exercise of art journaling as it is watercolor sketching for me.
I initial and date each sketch.

I can't promise that I will be able to sketch a cityscape anytime soon, but I am learning and growing.
I like that.

I am providing some links below for supplies that I have used in case you are interested in creating your own adventures in watercolors and/or sketching.