Tuesday, November 5, 2013

best pumpkins ever | Halloween 2013

these are by far the best, most fun, most creative pumpkins this family has collectively created.
and it didn't even involve scooping out pumpkin guts!

*pumpkins of choice
*paint: in this case...yellow, blue, and purple
*canning jar lid rings
*poster paper for eyes
*hot glue gun
*black chenille stems for hair or wig pieces/feathers for evil purple minions
*newspaper and masking tape for painting and keeping surfaces protected

I can tell you it is a paint and wait, then paint and wait some more process.
The shortest time I've found is 2 days just to allow for things to set.
If you are like my youngest daughter, it will take you well over a week ;)

In the end, each one somehow reflected our personalities a bit. I smiled or chuckled every time I looked at them.
They are still on our porch because I can't take the thought of throwing them away right now!

our 2013 pumpkins will definitely go down in the scrapbooks!
of course!!



  1. AWEsome!! Love the minions, and glad you included the eeee-vil ones. ;)

  2. I love them!!! I've watched recently the movie and seeing your pumpkins makes me smile over and over again :))) Perfect faces :D


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