Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily 2013 | days 1 and 2

This is the fourth year I have done a December Daily album.
Ali Edwards began this concept as a way to document the holidays.


Doing a December album is the closest thing I will ever get to doing pocket page type
of scrapbooking.

My reasons for doing a December Daily album:
*one month of "loose" commitment...meaning I don't hold myself to doing every single day if it doesn't work out
*documents tradition or changing of traditions as my girls get older
*my youngest daughter's birthday falls in December and she loves looking back at this album!!
*it's fun!!

I've always done a bit of a 6"x8" album format. It works for me and gives me some latitude with the size of pictures or embellishments that I would like to use. I prefer a custom homemade album usually from chipboard pieces and binder rings to hold it together.

I have decided in order to share how my pages have come along this year, that I will be photographing my album with my iPhone 5. I may decide to do some with my DSLR, but using my iPhone really simplifies the process even further for me.

The cover...

Lots of texture here with white cardstock as my base. I layered several mediums--watercolor, gel medium, inks, paper, embellishments, fabric, and sewing to achieve the overall look. Again, it's custom for me and it's what I love.

Day 1...
A few shots to share here because this day includes a few inserts/photos.

This image above is the opening page in an altered 4"x6" protector.

In this image, you can see I added typed journaling to the back of my photo as part of the "intro" page. The right side documents our outside lights up and working!! This was EPIC people!! ;)

This image was the original day 1 insert when I made my foundation pages. I wanted to keep it because it's cool...altered coin protector and Two Peas exclusives here and touches of gold!

On to day 2...
I struggled a bit with this day because, honestly, there wasn't anything worth documenting.
It was bit of a mundane day...laundry, kids back to school, scrappy work, dogs sleeping...
I don't have a problem skipping a day if I don't feel like there is a point.
Later in the afternoon, though, my daughter and I had hot cocoa...then it became the perfect way to document something we do after school when it's cold. When I looked at my day 2 foundation page, those white dots were a perfect complement to marshmallows!! ;)

And there you have my first 2 days!

What I have found that is working for me so far...
*printing out photos the evening of that day
*putting together that page for the day in the evening when everything has calmed down or first thing in the morning after everyone has left the house.
*keeping it simple. my "work" is done, as far a foundation pages go. Any extra bits or journaling is being simplified.
*being free to change or alter a foundation page. I knew when I put my album together that there was NO WAY I would stick to the structure I had laid down. no way. Part of my creative process is "going with the flow". Too much structure kills my creativity.

If you want to see all of my foundation pages, go to my Two Peas in a Bucket gallery.
You can see more shots of my foundation pages, as well as products I used.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Love the cover so much! Love love the grid page with the wood and printable, and all the bits of sparkle and watercolor. Lovely!

  2. Looking beautiful, love it with all the added touches of sparkle!!

  3. Wow - this is so beautiful! I love the pages and your watercolor touch on it!

  4. Wow. This is so beautiful! I love the cover so much!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the watercolors and all the layers you put in the album :)

  6. what are the clear page projectors?

    1. Sarah, I have a variety of sizes and brands from...Studio Calico, October Afternoon, Pink Paislee, as well as generic coin protectors. Is there a specific one you were wondering about?


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