Wednesday, April 9, 2014

sketch it out...

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have become a HUGE hand lettering and modern calligraphy enthusiast!!'s what I am totally in LOVE with right now...I don't even understand it! ;)
I've always been a doodler my whole life, but I never thought it would ever translate into something so creatively satisfying. My family kinda chuckles at me and that's ok.

One day I decided to take Molly Jacques' calligraphy course on skillshare. Somehow I was hooked with every aspect of calligraphy and designing letters. I wanted more--to learn, to do, to sketch, to ink, to play-- with a different aspect of paper and creativity.
In fact, if you've been interested in this class, I can share a $10 off link for the class with you!!
Click this link, and what was already an affordable, self-paced online class become even more of a deal! I think of it as a share the love deal.
I've already got my eye on a few more classes I would love to explore. I think skillshare is an awesome opportunity to learn and grow creatively.

I find myself randomly sketching all the time.

And I think to myself..."I did that?!!!" :)
Sketching allows for mistakes and change before the actual's like forgiveness and a second chance. I used to be impatient, thinking that I had to ink it up immediately!

this curiosity and desire to grow is exciting! :)

fyi...I calligraphed an A.A. Milne quote for my sweet friend, Kayla Aimee, in honor of her  preemie Scarlette's anniversary of coming home 3 years ago! Go to her blog for the free downloadable print.
I couldn't have been more humbled, honored, and privileged to share in this celebration with her and others!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This is awesome....I suck at drawing and don't think I could even come close to creating any sketch like these


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